The LiTTle Things

They tend to say it is the little things we take for granted. The things we always expect to be there, and perhaps even use daily. Most of the time these “things” are the designs around us. The creations that have been made to make our lives more easy, more safe, or more convenient. Our campus is no exception, and you can find these random, or not so random, designs all over! 


Simple does noT always mean easy

We were asked to look for a specific letter through-out our campus, and mine was the letter “T”. I was able to find it in many places at Fleming, and one thing I came to notice is how many designs not only display this letter, but then are also part of a grander scheme. These items while all having this iconic “T” like shape, all serve a very important purpose! A purpose that at times can be taken for granted. Something as simple as a stair railing, or a barrier for safety, or a power bar not only needs to be functional, but also add to the overall design. Simple though, as we’ve learned, isn’t always the easiest way and that is where our brilliant designer minds come into play. 


New age designers

New age designers, such as ourselves, need to be able to acknowledge and revitalize these “taken for granted things”.  By doing so we are able to either appreciate the use and the design behind it, or be able to look at it and see how we can make it better, more easy, more safe, or more convenient.  Something as simple as even a stair railing had be thought of, designed, and then created. But think for a moment how we take it for granted! Imagine yourself cruising these hallways and two stepped your way up the stairs! But, what if your foot just barely misses that one step, your momentum thrusts you forward and in desperation you stretch and reach for the railing preventing yourself from completely bailing. Now what if that railing wasn’t there? Your face and those stairs are about to have more intimate meeting than you would like! Designs like these affect our daily lives and sometimes we don’t even notice.  

stairwell hand rail

As GDV students at Fleming , we are relearning how to see the world around us through new unhindered child like eyes. This ability is going to allow us to evolve the world we live in, creating or recreating for the future. So that “thing” you take for granted, give it a little attention, a little appreciation and allow it to help shape your perspective of the world around us. 

railing outside

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