When your looking for letters in objects it’s kinda hard but you gotta look closely… I even had hard time try find this letter. our class was assigned to find letters of the alphabet, our teacher gave us letters my letter was to P in the school.

Beats the P

I was in the classroom trying to think of where I can find the letter P, when I looked at my headphones I dint realize that the symbol is shaped as P you can see 3 letters here P,D, and B.

Bubble the P

I was just wandering around the classroom after class while I was waiting for my ride home and I notice this poster and it’s shaped like a P, I didn’t think anything of it until I was actually looking for the letter.

Up on the ceiling P

This pitchere was taken in the classroom, I flipped the picture to landscape to make it look like P, as you can see their are multiple P’s in this pitcher witch is why I also like this picture. Finding a P isn’t easy until you look very hard.

Can you spot it?

This pitcher that I have took, is out side our class. You have to look very closely or else you can’t really see it’s upside down P. I find this picture unique and is one of my favourites out of all the photos I have taken because you would never expect a letter to be in a wood kind of thing on a wall.

Binding P

I thought this one was really cool, this was also taken in the classroom behind where I sit, I was about leave To go home and I was just looking at the books and I saw this book where It looks like a P, that big round part that you see and then the binding of the book is the stick of the P.

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