or, The Letter E Around Fleming College

When searching for the letter E around Fleming College, I investigated both inside and outside. Most of the time, when I found the letter E, it was in architectural contexts: a door frame, a window, on the wall. On occasion, I found it outside, in the trees, or in the frames of the buildings around campus. Anywhere there was a flat surface, you bet you could almost find an E. Sadly, there’s no E Wing of Fleming College, but there is Stairwell E!

The letter E found in a lonely door frame.

All About the Letter E!

The letter E was first derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was also derived from a Semitic consonant that sounded more like the English letter H. Throughout time, and through different languages and alphabets, we got the E that we have today. The letter E has an enormous amount of accents depending on language, and here are just some of them:

Ĕ Ḝ Ȇ Ê Ê̄ Ê̌ Ề Ế Ể Ễ Ệ Ẻ Ḙ Ě Ɇ Ė Ė́ Ė̃ Ẹ Ë È È̩ Ȅ É É̩ Ē Ḕ Ḗ Ẽ Ḛ Ę Ę́ Ę̃ Ȩ E̩ . . . yes, those are all different Es. My favourite one is é. I wonder why… (psst, look at my name! Though, that E is pronounced like an A!)

An E in a tree.

Some of the best descriptive words (adjectives, as Google has told me) begin with the letter E. Eccentric, effervescent, eclectic, egregious, elegiac, electric, eldritch… the list goes on! They’re all powerful adjectives, so, when searching for one, maybe turn to the letter E in your dictionary or thesaurus!

The letter E… and me! And-ee. No? No, that’s silly.

I love to listen to music, and there are many songs I like beginning with the letter E. So, here’s my letter E playlist!

  • Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle – Einstürzende Neubauten
  • Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead – The Stranglers
  • Ego – Minuit Machine
  • Evil Eye – Brian Protheroe
  • Everything’s Gone Green – New Order
  • Echo Beach – Martha & The Muffins
  • Endless Summer of the Damned – Bauhaus
  • Electro Glide in Blue – Apollo 440
  • Election Day – Arcadia
  • Eighties – Killing Joke
  • Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears
  • The Eternal – Joy Division (technically!)
Look closely, do you see the E?

The reason I think the letter E was so easy to find around campus is that you can pair a few straight lines together and it will look like an E. Since many architectural things have to be straight, such as anything you can set an object on, it’s easy to find straight lines, and if there are additional straight lines, there’s your E!

Thank you for reading about the letter E with me!

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