Finding the letter G on campus:

Not as easy as it sounds.


One of the first letters to catch my eye was a handicapped symbol on the wall on the way to class. If you look at it the right way, it resembles an uppercase G. If you don’t look at it the right way, fine.


Another thing to jump out at me were the cords that hang from the ceiling in the studio. The plastic thing with the cord next to it reminded me of a lowercase G. Close enough.


Also right in our studio, the printing press wheel and handle looks a bit like a lowercase G. A bit of a reach maybe, but it works. Enough. I think.


Sometimes things are hard. Sometimes you start to wonder how you can just make your own G, because you spent an hour looking for one and didn’t find any. So I made a G out of a bottle cap and phone charger.


This is probably the best “G” I could find. An actual G. It was written on a paper in the hallway, on the second floor somewhere. Whoever wrote this G, thank you.

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