Every Letter Has a Meaning

When most people of think of spiritual meaning, they tend to think of horoscopes, fortunes or star signs. However, many people can infer meaning from something as insignificant as a letter of the alphabet. Numerology is the belief in a correlation of numbers to our lives in a significant way, mostly dealing in the occult. This belief involves letters as well, as the letters of the alphabet can be broken down to numerical values. Some believe that there is significance to what letters are in your name, or how often you see certain letters or numbers in your everyday life. This is called Synchronicity. 

Today we will be looking at the letter S, specifically in the context of Fleming College, and the various was that S can be seen throughout the campus. 

Symbols of S

When you see the letter S in your dreams or waking life it can be a, “Symbolic message that things are taking off soon. And taking place at a rapid pace. Solutions will be found as you move forward. You may not know or have all the information.  But that is for you to discover along the way”

This quote incapsulates the project perfectly. When setting out to find  the letter S, I didn’t have all the information on where or how I would find the letters, but things quickly began to fall into place.

Synchronicity of S around Campus

stethoscope found letter S

Stethoscope S

 This Stethoscope was found in the Campus book store. There is even greater synergy in the fact that Stethoscope also starts with the letter S. When names start with S it can imply ambition, charisma and tolerance. This seems fitting for a device used by the nursing students!  

Double S

 Here we have two S’s side by side. These were found above the Fleming book store. Similar to above when a name ends in the letter S, “Projects tend to get a responsible conclusion, in a harmonious manner”. The two S’s do look harmonious, and I am hoping this projects ends in a responsible conclusion! 

Double S's found in school
two people creating the letter S with their bodies


 This S was perhaps a less natural occurrence of the letter around campus. Yet, when looking at the other meanings of the letter I found that the “energy” of S is, “an energetic energy, a starter”.We took the energy from the letter S and had a fun time trying to create the letter with our bodies. Thanks to Sharaya and Dora for taking the risk of embarrassment to get the right S. 

Stained Glass S

 This was a very beautiful S. It is reminiscent of the graffiti S”s that everyone used to draw in middle school. This is like the college version of that S. Another reading of the letter is also linked with its numeric value, “S is the numerical equivalent of 1 and represents beginnings. It has very attractive attributes and instils wealth”. Not only does this S definitely have attractive attributes, but can represent the feeling of beginning a new chapter of a student’s life when they choose to attend Fleming college. 

a stained glass S
an s found on the side of a popcorn machine

Popcorn S

 This S was found on the side of a popcorn maker on campus. Early version of S’s, “…Appeared 3,600 years ago as a horizontal, curvy “W” shape, meant to denote an archer’s bow”. This S does look similar to an archer’s bow and circles back to the meaning of S as a sign that things are about to take place. 

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