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Aerial photo of parking lot at Fleming College.
A parking lot used by both teachers and students at Fleming College. Aerial photo taken using a drone.
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The Mission

Our class was assigned the project of finding a given letter from the alphabet around the Fleming College campus. This assignment was interesting and creative, as well as gave a new spin on the usual projects given. I mostly spent my time exploring the inside of the college, I think I covered 99% of the schools indoor area, except for the bathrooms. Now that I think about it, the toilets seats are in the shape of a “U”. It was too cold to explore the outdoors, besides I probably wouldn’t of found anything resembling the letter “U” other than a parking spot. Finding the letter “U” in nature is like trying to find a unicorn. Hopefully you enjoy the rest of my photos from my adventurous Fleming walk like you would enjoy finding a unicorn in the wild.

Start of the Race

Silver chair in Fleming College.
Steel chair used for sitting in the Fleming College cafeteria.

On my way to complete my first lap around the college I decided to stroll by what seems to be most popular doors in the school… the doors to the smoking section. The uncomfortable but cool looking chairs caught my eye, in particular the back part of the chair. When looking at the chair from the angle showed above, the back rest makes the perfect letter “U”.

First Lap

Letter "C" painted on a wall.
The letter “C” on the wall is used to identify the location a person is at in Fleming College.

My first lap around Fleming College I spotted the big “C” on the wall in the cafeteria, at first glance you would just think its the letter “C”. But it’s much more than that. It identifies the part of the school you are in, a map of letters if you will. It is a piece of artwork. But…. to me it was my given alphabet letter, the letter “U”. If you turn your head to the side, the letter “C” now becomes the letter “U”. Magical eh???

Pit Stop

Picture of the entrance to break time room at Fleming College.
The entrance to the break time room, one of the busiest places during break times.

Breaktime, the food room, the location of the goods, fuel for the body, or the pit stop in a race or a walk?…. Whatever you want to call it, I do not care… Can you see my letter? Maybe, maybe not… The arch looks like a lower case “n” right? Well if you turn your back to the breaktime room and do a handstand, you will see the letter “U”.

Second Lap

Combination Lock on Locker.
A students combination lock keeping their locker safe and locked.

Exploring the college, going down the halls of darkness and abandonment. Adventuring to these new locations in the school I have never been before opened up my eyes to a lot, classes and architecture I have never seen before. I came across a hallway of pink or red lockers, whatever colour it is. The combination lock immediately caught my eye, the lock as a whole does not resemble a shape from the alphabet, but the shackle when removed completely from the lock resembles my letter. The letter “U”. If you don’t believe me then buy a lock and break it.

Finish Line

Spiral stair case in Fleming College.
A spiral staircase leading down to the school library at Fleming College.

Well here we are, the finish the line. The end of my adventure and story, so why not finish the story in a calm and relaxing environment. The library, well not the library. The stairs going to the library. LOL. When looking at the stairs from this angle, the platform between the top and bottom sets of stairs is in the shape of the letter “U”. Well and upside down letter “U”. One could say a lowercase letter “n” but to me it’s the letter “U”. Well thats the end. Was it good or bad. Leave a comment and I may reply.


By Bradly Richard McCullum

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