The Task

My fellow classmates and I were given the task of finding the alphabet on our college campus. We were assigned a letter and to then go about hunting it, by photographing it in the forms of architecture, nature, people, and so on.

O Baby

I was given the letter “O”. I went about trying to find all of the O’s I could manage, wandering the halls of my school. As I searched, I began to ponder the letter O. O is pronounced “oh” and “oh” has been featured in many songs and those “oh” songs are very popular. Let’s consider Justin Bieber’s “Baby” – featuring Ludacris. That song is immensely popular – whether your opinion of it is positive or negative, it can not be denied. One of the lyrics is “baby, baby, baby, oh“, which may be why it is so popular.

O Up Above

O hanging lights of Fleming B-wing.
The O’s help us see.

In the hallway of the B wing, some hanging string lights can be spotted in the shape of O’s. I think this photo really captures the architectural characteristics of the Peterborough Fleming College Campus.


Mouth wide open. Mouth wide open. Slide your trash inside.

We must have all, at least once, used the trash cans scattered through the halls of our school. Did you know their mouths form an O?

The Church of O

O glass of B-wing Fleming.
O stained glass…

Praise the O. This O shines through the beautiful glass of a B-wing window. This stained glass reminds me of the churches I saw during my trip to Croatia over the last summer. I saw many grand European style churches with beautiful architecture.

Lock it Up

O locker lock beneath D-wing of Fleming.
Click, click, click – unlock your O-shaped locker lock.

Finally, after a long hunt – the final O. The final boss. Him. This O was spotted as a locker lock beneath the D-wing. Beneath our feet, our designer world as we know it, the final boss awaited my arrival.

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