This past little while our class has had the exciting task of taking pictures of things around our school which form letters. We were each given a letter to use, and required to find 5 relevant images around our campus here at Fleming College.

Just a thought..

Have you ever noticed certain things form different shapes, or even letters? Me either really, until this past week or so when we were given the assignment of finding letters around the school and taking picures of it. I came to realize the door handle we all used everyday to our class was in the shape of a J.

I also noticed the J outside our classroom window, in the stain of the wood on the wall. Then we were told to go for a walk from our class, try to find our specific shape throughout the school.

My group noticed a classroom nearby was empty and I seen the hooks on the wall. I always liked the view from this window. You can see outside to a wide field outside the college. The trades side of the school has some of the coolest views in my opinion.

The Trades Wing

Our group made our way down stairs from D-wing to the trades wing. We were looking around for shapes when we happened to look up and notice the air vents formed a couple of J’s as well.

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