I is an interesting letter, it’s a very personal one, it’s me; it’s you, so, it’s fitting that the letter can be found in so many diverse shapes and sizes all around Fleming—itself a very diverse community.

Part I: The Beginning

Let’s start at the beginning—literally. This pillar is at the front of the school, just past the information desk and student store, two important things for any student, especially when you’re just getting started. The blue part at the top acts as a dot, making the pillar look like a lowercase “i”, saying that you are the pillar and that Fleming is there for you.

Part II: The Journey

Your college journey begins in the classroom. It’s a whole new experience, the world will feel a little sideways, and it just so happens that when looking at the classroom door frames around Fleming on their side, they make an “I”. So, tilt your head, be confused, and enjoy the ride.

Part III: Breaking Away

We’re lucky at Fleming to be surrounded by nature and in our tech-focused lives, it’s good to get some fresh air and look at something non-digital once and awhile. The overlapping branches have a tendency to make the shape of an I, almost like a calling. A chance to break away from the hustle and bustle of your hectic student life. These trees are just outside the residence buildings on campus, so if you’re walking back to your room, give them a look.

Part IV: Safe and Sound

While on your journey, dangers will come your way, so knowing that there is something that can warn you of some of that danger is a great feeling. The fire alarm is there to keep you safe and it looks like an “i”, with the light acting as a line and the bell acting as a dot, perfectly representing its job of your safety.

Part V: Home

Aside from a residence room, your locker is your home away from home, your little nook in the vast space that is Fleming. The vent on the locker door is there to let things breathe, it also happens to look like an “I”, a friendly reminder for you to breathe. Your locker is the place for you to take a quick moment to recoup, gather your thoughts, and prepare for the remainder of the day. So take that moment and let yourself breathe.

Part VI: I Found Fleming

Being a student is crazy, let alone a college student. There’s so much to do and experience that it can feel daunting at times. There are days when you may feel overwhelmed, whether it be from assignments, tests, socialization, or anything in between. I know I feel like that all the time at Fleming, but I’ve been lucky: great friends, great teachers, staff that care. Fleming is not just a school, it’s a community. Everyone has each other’s backs. Assisting with a project; cheering during a presentation; a simple joke; or even just a “Hey, how’s your day going?”; Fleming is there for you. Everyone at Fleming is glad you found your way here, whatever journey you took, and hopefully you’re glad as well. I know I’m glad I found Fleming.

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