Thanks Anita!!

Thank you for looking at my post! You won’t be disappointed! In my GDV course for Content Design 2. We were asked to walk around the school for inspiration about our letter we received. I walked around and noticed that V’s are Vvvvery interesting. AND EVERYWHERE! Keep and eye out when walking to your classes. Take a minute just to slow down and embrace what’s around you! To start out with the above image. This is my featured image. I walked the old B wing. As I was walking I saw Anita and one of her friends! (Don’t be mad Anita I don’t remember her name!!) We talked for a while about all the courses and Sam talked about her home town. But we explained our assignment to them and I told her that my letter was V, she instantly pointed at the wooden frame work on the ceiling. It was a great image! I had to stand on one of the benches to get the right angle… good thing I didn’t get in trouble!!

Library stairway look up!!

V Stairway

When I found myself walking through the library, I saw this shadow on the floor below me, when I looked up I saw a huge V! The way the light shines through it gives off a wonderful looking V! It was difficult taking this image because the way the lighting was it made the V not visual. So I had to tuck behind the left side to get the proper shot.


FIRE!!.. Well it’s just the sign..

When I kept strolling through the A wing, I walked past a group of paramedic students! Talked to them for a bit then carried on, when I was about to walk up the stair way, I looked up against the wall and saw a fire sign, noticing how it showed a V! This image was cool to take, because I got two V’s in one image! If you look closely and tilt your head. Where the base of the V starts. there is a shadow casting onto it that looks like a V! 

Hang On!

Off the rails!

After I took the fire image, I continued onto the stairs. I stopped and talked to Chase about his letter G for a bit. He then pointed out that the railing where it brackets to the wall looked like a V! We then discussed how it could’ve also been an L! This image was cool to take because I had to get on a bit of an angle to get the shot, and with the lighting behind me made the image pop!

A is for V??

Thanks for the help A!

 When I walked through part of the up stairs A wing, I met up with some of my classmates and said hello, then continued on down to the lower end of the A wing.  When walking down to the B wing, I found an A on the wall to the left of me. I tilted my head upside down and in the middle of the A I saw a V! So I took the image as normal, then when I went to edit the image I simply flipped the image upside-down to give me V!

Charlie Brown at Fleming??

Not really Charlie but the design on his shirt was here!

 After I took the A is for V image, I continued down the old B wing. Which I’ve honestly never been down here before. It was the most beautiful part of the school! As I looked to my right I saw this green, yellow and glass, Fleming art piece. It honestly looked like Charlie Browns T-shirt! The pattern on the wall made little V’s! It was interesting taking this image due to the glare on the glass. But with the right angle I got the perfect image!

Holy Beams!

When I was walking in part of the B Wing, near the 3D printing room I was looking at all the cool study booths they had there! It was like a mini office place to work! As I looked up I noticed all the cool beaming they had done to this part of the school. I then noticed one of the beams looked like a V! It also could be a Y as well. This image was hard because it was so far away I had to zoom in a bit. But such a perfect image to represent my letter!

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