The “W’s” of Fleming

For this project, I was given the letter “W” to find throughout the school. I found this assignment to be pretty fun, and I got to see parts of the school I haven’t seen before.


a photo of a fire evacuation sign

If you look closely, you will notice that the white flame behind the person in the wheelchair on this sign resembles the letter “W.” I found this letter on the top level in the A wing just by the stairs at the end of the hallway where the walls are mostly windows. I like this photo because I am pretty sure the person who designed it did not mean for the flame to look like a “W,” but it just so happened to come out looking that way.

FIRE (part 2)

a fire extinguisher in a case on the wall

This is another “fire themed” letter. I was walking by the elevator in the D wing when I looked to my right and noticed that the lines on the case which the fire extinguisher sat in made another “W.” I was glad I happened to turn my head and find it, otherwise I might have just walked past it and gone back to class. 

The Window

a window with a zig zag pattern on it

This one is also a “W,” if you squint (more like a glorified zigzag). I found it in the pattern on the window outside the clinic in A. I like the cool pattern, and I can see e few other letters on there too.

Working Out

a photo of the handlebars of an exercise bike

This “W” can be seen in the handlebars of this exercise bike that I found in a part of the building I can’t exactly remember the name of, but I think it was a part of B. I didn’t know we had exercise bikes (for “stress relief,” as the sign next to them said) in the school before now. I probably won’t ever use them since they are on the opposite side of the school, but I think its cool that someone can enjoy them during their day.

Up Above

a picture of the ceiling with windows on the roof

I found this last “W,” which was probably the most obvious one I could find, up in the ceiling of some part of the building I found the exercise bikes in, and which I didn’t know existed until we were given this project. Its a little blurry (no thanks to my phone’s camera), but you can still see the “W” made from the bars up on the rafter. 

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