Where it all Started…

Tile wall filled with H's
Tile wall patterns make up perfect H’s

Hello! As an inexperienced blog post creator be prepared for an entertaining post! The class began as a normal day, meeting our teacher Chris for the first time, we were asked to walk around the school and write down anything interesting that we could find to create a question for an assignment. After two classes we came up with several very different creative ideas on how to categorize what we have found. The class favourite was finding letters in structure, nature, and objects around the school, since the school has such unique displays around campus. We connected with our groups and started a search for our given letter.

The Anatomy H

Our letters were randomly chosen out of a hat, fortunately I picked out the letter H, (which is pronounced huh). What an amazing letter to choose for an assignment where you need to find a letter where they are not necessarily the easiest to pull out. The letter H (capitalized) is a very strong symmetrical structure of a letter, it’s a good building base and an eye pleasing shape in the architecture of the school. My letter for the assignment was absolutely everywhere, all over campus, in doors, window frames, posts and poles, signs, actual large letters, and tile printed in the walls and floors. Fleming College feels like 80% of the school is doors and windows, therefore finding H was no problem at all. 

Windows & Doors

outside long window

It was definitely easy to find the letter H around the school, so to make it a tad more difficult I forced myself to find the best doors and windows as possible. The key to a good photo with a door is simply just good lighting, no shadows of your body in the frame of the picture, and try to pick a door with no signs or stickers on the door. The perfect window image is a bit harder to take than a door. Your first problem with windows is they are see through, obviously, so finding the perfect window would mean it would have to be in the school not a window going outside (unless the sun light is not directly coming through it) knowing the light exposure will be too much and ruin the photo. Another problem was making sure myself was not in the reflection of the image, which I could totally edit out but if I prevent that from happening in the first place it will be the original image with better quality. One more issue can be the background of what is on the other side of the window, I avoided classroom windows, majority of them did have a class in session, teachers offices and random windows in hallways that are one sided are perfect for a plain background around the frame of the H, however that is when it gets tricky again with not getting bodies in the reflection.

large window creating an H
This could either be a very large H, or turn your head and there is multiple

Out of the box 

new exit sign icon
look closely, visualize the H

Besides your basic doors and windows, I found some other interesting ways to find letters for myself and to help people in my group with more difficult letters. in the carpentry hall downstairs I found almost like a cage where I believe dangerous equipment was stored, the cage was made up with hundreds of little squares making hundreds of H’s. A very out of the box idea I found was the new exit sign, the icon on the sign is a person in a running position with a door frame around them, the door frame is the outline of the H and the icon persons body was the connecters in-between actually creating a nonchalant letter H. Chase in my group that the letter G, he had a decently hard time coming up with where he might find a G. Looking back at signs, the handicap/wheelchair icon by washrooms and ramps is oddly shaped as a G if you really think out of the box looking at it. After completing the assignment I am most definitely happy with the letter I chose, being able to find an H everywhere I turned made the assignment flow a lot more smoothly than I had planned. 

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