F’s are pretty hard to come by on campus

Finding F’s around campus was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and I had to really open my mind and think outside the box. Creative thinking was an essential tool for this exercise.

f sign with braille
Surprisingly, there are very few “F’s” that are printed on signage around campus

Look Up!

One of the most important things to remember when looking for letters around campus was to think outside the box, and look at things in ways that you don’t usually look at them. Creativity and imagination were essential for finding letters. When we’re walking from place to place, we rarely take the chance to look around, let alone look up. After walking around a few times and coming up almost empty handed, I figured I probably wasn’t looking properly. The next time I went looking, I made sure to not only look around, but look up a lot, and it paid off!

pipes on the ceiling
I found this ‘F’ in some pipes on the ceiling in B-Wing
rails on the ceiling
This was the only lowercase “F” I was able to find on campus
hand rails on stairs with yellow stripes
This was one of the first “F’s” I found on campus

Rails, Rails, Rails

Quite a few of the “F’s” hidden in the architecture of Fleming College can be found in the various types of rails on campus. Some rails on the ceiling in B-Wing offered a lowercase “F” I was able to see when I remembered to look up, and the railing on the staircase beside the campus Tim Horton’s provided me with one of the most easily recognizable “F’s” I could find.

It’s All About Perspective, Baby

Finding a new perspective is important in many aspects of life, especially this exercise. Often times when looking for letters around campus, a letter wasn’t visible from your first point of view, but as soon as you walked around a few degrees, or tilted your head slightly, the letter became visible. This was exactly the case with the railing in this photo. The “F” wasn’t immediately apparent when I looked at it, but when I changed my point of view and moved just a little bit, the railings lined up perfectly to create an “F”.

hand rails on stairs
The way the two railings line up provides an “F”, “T”, “P”, and a backwards “R”

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