Greetings and salutations, friends young and old. Ready yourself for the sight to behold. Common objects that trick the mind of the common letter. A letter you say? Why yes a letter. The letter we all love. The upper case D.

The common Kettle Handle

The kettle, the common household item to make our tea,coffee, soup, and hot beverages. So in this photo I took, it shows you the handle where you can see the upper case D. The smoothness, simple and clean look.

The C Clamp looking like the D

The C clamp, a common tool used by engineers, construction workers, carpenters and most people to be used to hold and secure . In this photo I looked at the use of a C clamp looking like the letter. Making an opposite of the name of the clamp. Found the clamp being used in the GDV class, used on class equipment. So for this I found it to be rough looking, new of shine and metal feel of strength.

The Lock

A lock, the keeper of secrets and a guard of protection against those who wish to take what it holds. Found this one near the library attached to a box. So with a clever and creative looking perspective I could see the letter I wanted. The look of use of it age of weathered stains, the brass colour with shiny metal and the small knicks giving it all the story of how it was used being quiet effectively.

Off the Handrails

The Side rail, a help of support that has been with use for a long time making it one of the oldest inventions to mankind.. This one is the hand rail I found in the cafeteria. With this one it is yet again about point of perspective, where up close it looks like the upper case D. but in distance it can be either the letter P or C. as for the look is to be of a clean and futuristic shine to it giving an apile of interest

Being Mugged

The common coffee mug, the same as the tea kettle sharing, sharing the same design in a sense of perfect harmony. Now this one was of a mug I got from a friend long ago. He owned a camp that was in the far west of Ontario. I like the look of the nice black of pottery glaze. But not not too shiny but nice and strong look.

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