History of the L

Let me introduce you to the letter L. I’m sure you two have met. In fact, within reading this article, you have already been acquainted with the letter L over a dozen times. L is the 12th letter of the English alphabet and has much of its written structure influenced by its Latin counterpart, which in turn took some of its structure from the Greek character lambda and the lamedh found in the Hebrew language.

Welcome to Fleming

Letter L on Window Sill
An L sitting on the window sill. Found during a walk along the Fleming trails behind campus.
Letter L door and windows
A new perspective brings unexpected results along the backside of the Fleming College main building. I like the geometry of this L as it is spelled out by the door and windows.

If you’re new to Fleming, you may be nervous about trying to find your way around campus or navigate its twisting corridors. The best way to beat the stress is to take a walk on Fleming’s many outdoor trails. And there is plenty to see along the way. Remember that letter I introduced to you earlier? Ls love the outdoors as well. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might be surprised at how many of them you can find. 

Let’s Take a Walk

Letter L path
Do you ever watch where you’re walking? You might be tracing the letter L with your steps on the path.
Letter L deck chair
The back and seat portion of this lounging deck chair makes an adequate letter L. A very structurally-sound L. Good enough to sit on.
Letter L tree
I like tall things. And this letter L tree fits the bill. I like how you can see all the grooves and chiseled features in this mighty tree. I think I’ll call him Larry.

A surprising beginning to our walk of the college grounds brings us to an L formed by the very path we travel. Who knew one could find an L so easily. Oh look! Here’s another. Might be a rather chilly spot to relax at the moment. Better luck in spring.

A Hiking We Will Go…

Following our sighting of the L-chair along the path behind Fleming College, we continue on with our refreshing walk. And before you know it, we’ve found another L. This time I love how nature has crafted its own L with the long trunk of a tree and a fairly straight horizontal branch.

Our meandering path takes us fully around the Fleming College campus. Just for fun, we take a quick jog up toward the college sports fields. And there we are, 4 Ls are holding up the spectator benches so that we can both relax and enjoy a game…perhaps when the baseball diamond is no longer covered in snow.

Letter L bench
I like the angle of this shot and how you can see all four L-braces holding the bench in place. Even the ends of the seat and backrest make a silhouette of a letter L.

Ready or Not

Our walk has given us a chance to breathe and clear our heads. Perhaps now we are ready to go back inside and tackle those crazy hallways once again. But don’t forget: both in architecture and in nature itself, Ls love the great outdoors. So if you find yourself getting stressed, take a walk outside. And while you’re there, say hello to all the Ls.